Intro to hacking Biology. My bacteria

Helocobacter Pylori

I am responsible for causing ulcers and stomach inflammation… your basic chronic Gastritis. I can weaken the protective coat of the stomach, so digestive juices hurt the stomach lining.

Half the world population has me on their stomach since they were children.

When my pathogen side takes over, you’ll know it by the abdominal pains, indigestion, fullness sensation and even mild nausea.

If I become really complicated, I have been blamed of stomach cancer and ulcer.
I can be detected by normal stool samples and blood tests. To be more accurate, an upper endoscopy of esophagus and stomach.

Where do I get my Energy:
I oxidize molecular Hydrogen H2 (produced by intestinal bacteria) to obtain energy, by the Hydogenase process.
This is cool because :
Understanding the catalytic mechanism of hydrogenase might help scientists design clean biological energy sources, such as algae, that produce hydrogen . Hydrogenase is an ezime that catalizes (fascilitates) the reversible oxidation of molecular Hydrogen.

Study of my genome:

large diversity of strains, and the genomes of three have been completely sequenced.
The genome of the strain “26695” consists of about 1.7 million base pairs, with some 1,550 genes.

It is interesting to study to try to understand, the ability of an organism to cause disease.
I have a common gene sequence believed to be responsible for this. It’s a 40 gene island that is absent in humans that carry me but do not see my dark symptomatic side.
I have a cagA gene, which is associated to cause ulcers. This is believed to have been transferred by horizontal transfer

Daily workout:
I have to constantly swim away from the Acid PH of the lumen, towards the mucus secreting cells. I do this by sensing the ph gradient by chemotaxis

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    my abdominal pains are usually caused by bloating and indigestion, i better control my diet.;

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