I don’t know what to do with my genes

It has been really exciting to discover this subject, it feels like science fiction is being caught up again by real science.

It is grateful to discover that imagination and weird ideas on this area do have a possibility. It has been a great feeling to be reading and in class and have the child amazement towards something that he did not know it was possible or becoming common, it has eclipsed my other classes this semester, they are too familiar, but this one hasn’t and I am glad, and due to its fundamental importance it is an exiting feeling to imagine what could become like in the media area..genetic TV genetic news? Don’t know.

The idea of citizen scientist is a very strong one and I support it all the way. I really don’t think through the possible dangers but have found that for a citizens possibilities there is no danger only enlightenment.

Even though I have not published home works by the clock I have been reading more than usual. The real problem has been trying to organize all the springing ideas that have come up during readings and talks with friends. I need to start walking.

Ill give it a shot:

About DIY: make a personal-genetics for dummies work book
To show concepts during class and a beginners guide to a wet lab, with guides for resources and protocols.

Lego genes: to build a double helix and grasp the replicating ,transcription, translation. If there are pirates, space ships robots..why not a double helix with moving parts and blinking lights.

Glad to see a reference on living reprogrammable structures. Living materials are used a lot, but they were alive at some point, to build they had to be taken away from their source…to have a living material, actually living and providing shelter or a service which can auto repair and change over time or even a form of locomotion (other than your traditional animal traction vehicle) is a dream.

Serious practical:
I have been visited by cancer very closely lately, my grand mother died two days ago..of old age..but complicated because of cancer and the primitive,savage treatments there are today.
My wife has family history of breast cancer, and now a cousin of hers has been visited on her right foot..with bone having been compromised.

I would like to be able to sequence my wife’s DNA and look for the brca1 or 2 gene and see what that info can provide, doing something else about it..still feels way out of my reach.. but i would like for that to change.

Or maybe sequence my own DNA and search for the baldness gene that runs in my family and that i have been able to avoid pretty well so far, as opposed to some of my cousins. 😉

Art: I would like to use this concepts and elements ask raw material to paint..sculpt…or something..from the pure possibilities of just manipulating the material it self..without getting involved with interpreting it or looking for an answer to a problem. Just to be able to mold it..color it ..shape it… I want to do a DNA sculpture..even if it can only be seen trough a microscope..and then be projected for a wider audience to see…
I think that having a small cube or cylinder made of my DNA to make a stick person can be a artistic statement by it self.

Genetic computation: ..encrypting…natures software coding…I thought about it and then got to the reference on the E-coli blue label counting bacteria…or Chinese encrypting huge amounts of data in a smaller space than today’s data storage mechanisms.

The states and elements and number of permutations..4 to the n power are really attractive. I would like to further develop this thoughts but still feel a little barrier towards the complexity of the subject…but theory is “easy”.
coding: may be gene programing will be like composing music, not writing 4 letters, since we are all waves anyway music seems a way to go.

Speaking with Manuela, she is really into visualization and speaking with her sprung ideas about how could you tell a story of genetic evolution..maybe a love story looks like the gene of a panda.

Unknown: what can we do.. really?
set up a wet lab..with the genomics for dummies and DIY wetlab protocols in ITP??

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