First Bio-Ideas

The readings have been very inspiring and given a sensation of excitement towards the possibilities (and downsides) of the subject and the time-space we are living in right now and he future.

Some ideas mentioned I had before the readings, and have been encouraged by them.

For projects… a pretty quick list:
Make cotton grow of different colors.
Make a “giant” Strawbery.
Make a growing structure that can be programed in order to become a house or building.
Make virus or bacteria based batteries, to run personal electronics.
Make bios synthesized materials that do not require chemical poisonous processes or waste.

ON THE Illustration of the DNA PROCESSES:

I have nothing concrete, just fling ideas on how a LEGO model can be made, but this would be very machine like, very mechanical.

I have been thinking of how the process could be explained from the information or data point of view, but have no idea how that would be like.

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