Making of Solar Bug Eye – Solar Beam Bot

A first version was built using the rotating mechanisms of an electronic shaver, Lego supports and 3 square solar panels.

It was intended to walk in this manner:

After the construction was made, it walked while being connected to a stable power source. But with the three solar panels connected in series did not move the motor, even though it was giving more voltage output, so the Current was not enough.

Pictures of the final construction of the version 1 of the Solar Bot:

After this it was taken apart.

Work on the solar engine. Two versions were built.

This 1381 based engine which ended up not working properly (it worked constantly, not in bursts) and did not have the capability of driving the medium DC motor that I was panning on using. Tests are presented here:

The Miller Engine built in class was tested and used for the bot, it worked in bursts properly and it was able to drive two small motors and a medium DC motor, here is the final Schematic:

The intention was to make the BEAM Bot with a character, kind of a bug like creature.
The resulting elements to make the motors run the way I wanted were distributed so that The bot could have a face, eyes, nose, mouth (even chin) and some elements to resemble a bug like creature. The circuit was built in free form and fitted under the square solar panel. And the Solar Bug-Eye Bot was born.

Here is the construction process and the final touches with rotating elements and “wings”:

Final Touches:

Video of the Solar Bug-Eye Bot Working in direct sun light:

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