This lab helped to understand how to move a servo and make sounds.

I was not so clear on the use of PWM, I thought we were going to use them on this lab, but nothing was plugged on the pwm ports.

I think I need more work and practice to be able to really control the angle movement of the servo, it was not so clear on the lab. It was also not very clear how to know the range values of a specific servo to work with the first version of the code without the servo library.

It was interesting to work with the .h file, on the pitching tones examples of the sound lab. Really interesting example on how to make a “musical instrument” project.

I would like to know how to power up the volume of the 8 Ohm speaker.

Here are pictures of the servo and speaker used:

Here are videos of the development of the lab, the last ones are changing the tunes of the pitching.h example:


speaker first tries:

speaker with .h files, first steps to a “musical instrument”, first is original example looping the tune, second is with some code changed to change the tune:

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