Serial comm

Drawing with sensors.

The ability to be able to graph somethings that are not actually or naturally visible is very interesting.

Somethings happen very slowly or we just do not take them into account in our accelerated life, like how our room temperature varies or the lighting in some spaces of our living environment.

Having a picture made up from your movements, from how swiftly or sudden you move. Coloring it depending on your temperature or the contrast between the temperature of your hands to the temperature of the environment.

In the more simple way of using this, with a potentiometer or other sensor, a circle could be moved, mapping the data acquired into a mouse X or Y position.

The lab is being developed, it will be posted soon.

Results of the lab:

first I changed (and did not remember) the print to println in the arduino code… and did not know why processing was not drawing a continuous line and kept getting a 13 nd a 10 value in the middle of the value of the POT:

THEN!!! I realized that it was sending and end of line and carriage return because of the println.
Finally changed it to print and was HAPPY!



drawing experiment with a pot and mouse:


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