SPet Trick

The pet trick intended was the “smokers repellent”.

The concept: to have a portable cigarette smoke detector with an annoying (aggressive) output that would make a smoker or crowd of smokers leave your surrounding area if the come near you.
It would be ideal to put it on your back pack, so that you would turn your back on the smokers and repel them making them uncomfortable as their smoke make others.

A specialized cigarette smoke sensor was acquired, but could not be tested appropriately, so it is waiting for version 1.2 of the project.

So a carbon monoxide sensor was used, and it was tested with incense smoke.

It was build as small as it was possible (for now), using a flat brush less fan from radio shack (had to) and extracted from a hair dryer.

The end result was a white box, self powered with a 9v battery and the possibility to connect with a USB cable to a computer or other power source if it is needed.

The thing worked, it beeped when it detected smoke. As demonstrated in class.

It just was not as intimidating as I had imagined, so…
I will keep developing the idea into something more “agresive”, something like laser pointers or very bright LEDs to perform the un-comforting task, I assume that the smokers would come uncomfortable if they are pointed at (with a laser) or lighted by a spotlight that hurts your eyes.

Here is the documentation pictures of the building process:

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