A flock in processing

I worked on a 3D flocking behavior.

Started constructing from scratch a sketch using the Proclipsing plugin for eclipse.
It was a working progress exercise plying vector theory, then forces theory, then apply principles of flocking behavior were programmed in processing on the bird class: separation, alignment and cohesion, as well as the steering.

After this was made, I passed it all to 3D vectors as well as I could.

I tried to make a 3D flow field to be able to obtain a flocking behavior, but it did not work out so well. So I used an invisible cage to constrain the movement of the birds.

Te birds are drawn as animated png with transparency, but in the final result some of the transparencies are no drawn very well. This was explained a mistake caused by the drawing order of the graphics, the birds should be ordered before drawing according to their depth, so the furthest ones get drawn first, and then move towards the ones on the front

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