Visualizing Literature Through L-systems

Lindenmayer system is a parallel rewriting system, namely a variant of a formal grammar.

Since L-Systems describe growth, an L-system consists of a special seed cell and a description of how new cells types can be generated from old cell types. The seed is known as axiom, the description of how to grow new cells types are known as production rules.
Axiom: B
Rules: B-> F[-B]+B

Text, or better, literature has structure, and it has also fractal structure in the way it is built. It is composed of recurring rules in order to make sense…most of the time.

I wrote a program to analyze Parts Of Speach on chapters of different types of literature.I looked for prepositions, adjectives, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, verbs. And another program to familiarize with the drawing methods of an L-system, and finally combined them.

I have an arbitrary assignment for POS to construct a Rule of production with each sentence found in the text, for one to be selected randomly and used to visualize the system, and try to recreate the text that originated it.

adjectives -> F
nouns -> F*number of letters in noun
pronoun -> [+F”+ old rule+ “]
adverb -> [-F[-F]]
verb -> [-F]

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