About Turing and Searle

thinking vs reacting
He have reactions in some primitive parts of our brain, we do not even “think” about them, they just happen, this behaviors can be imitated by machines easily.

thinking vs imitating
Imitating, like parrots, this is a lower level of learning, it is still not intelligent as we would like it to be, but it is small intelligence.

thinking vs intelligence
To think,I would say that it is being able to process data, and throw a logical result. So thank machines can think. To be intelligent, I would say that it is the capability of making relations between data that it is stored, in order to com up with a logic result when it is not expected. That would be, to come up with an idea. that is why it is so hard to come up with an idea, and even harder, to come up with a truly original one. in this sense, machines are very very far from being intelligent. But with decentralized theories, like our brains work, i believe it can be achieved, may be not in our life time, but it is possible, I believe.

the mind is a result of the brain?
To have a mind do you need a brain? what about the so called hive mind, or the cellular automata theories. Clustering behaviors of single cell organisms.

brain can cause intention.

emotive intelligence? processing intentionality??

context and response? the concept on emotion and feeling and intelligence has flaws in humans also, it depends on the “normal” standard of what is socially accepted

its about free will at the end?? and emotional intelligence?
intelligence is relative.it is not like reacting-responding logically to a phenomena or event or problem to solve.
Emotional intelligence is very important part of being what it takes to be able to interact with human beings, not to solve physics problems. It is curious that some times (I have been witness) “nerds” (very very very intelligent persons) are not very intelligent social beings and have problems socializing, this, could be taken as a biological disadvantage, they could not find a partner and their genes would not be passed on, this would mean a failure for biology. But that does not happen, sooner or later they find though emotions, love and human understanding, what cannot be logically or scientifically explained, love. 🙂

We are always comparing, or wanting, to compare machine intelligence, with the highest possible definition of intelligence in the human kind. I am intelligent, and I am not the most intelligent human being, so that makes me not intelligent? no. So there are levels of achievement, and humans will always find a way to undermine other humans, and even more a machine.

There are social skills that are developed in order to be able to live, socialize and have interactions with “lower level intelligence human beings”, i think those skill will have to be developed towards new “non biological” intelligence, and respect it for what it can offer. But if we don’t respect our fellow humans, we are a very long way, may be longer socially, to accept an intelligent machine.

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