Asignment 2

I took the camera for a walk in prospect park, to the Saturday market.

It was a cloudy but bright day and I store the white balance manually with the gray card covering the whole area of the lens, with the mos normal daylight on the card. ISO set to 100, the minimum. There is a manual focus setting available on the camera, but it is not very user friendly, so I did not use this feature. During the walk, I did not take a tripod, but tried in most cases to set the camera and my arms in a fixed triangular position.

Shots where taken using the S setting, to control the shutter speed, and took pictures on 1/60 to 1/120.

I tried to compensate exposure to fit the histogram, with the steps control, -2 to +2, but in some cases it showed the change on the preview screen, but when the picture was taken it came out different, in low light, the visor showed a more lit image and the final picture came out darker. And also in some cases hen I had lots of light and wanted the picture to come out dark, it did not, even though the preview screen showed a different image.

So then I tried the BRK setting to try to get some change, and I noticed that it didn’t let me select a certain range on the -2 to +2 scale…

Besides this, the bracketing was interesting to use. The market had some really interesting shots…after a while I decided to stay put in the middle and watch thing happen as they passed me by.

Here are some… of the many pitcures taken 🙂

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